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We Built the Hydrogen Oxygen Industry

The driving force behind Hydrogen For Health is Australian Peter Griffiths who has better than three decades of experience in the field of hydrogen and oxygen generation from water.

For history, in 1991 in the company of Research Professor Yull Brown of Brown’s Gas fame, Peter traveled to China to conduct demonstrations of Oxyhydrogen generators.


The Chinese government hosts were so impressed by the demonstrations they decided to introduce The Professor’s technology into the nation’s knowledge base and agreement was made that Brown’s Gas would be developed and manufactured at scale in China for eventual global distribution.


Since this initial impetus, factories were established and have flourished in manufacturing hydrogen oxygen generators for domestic applications.  At the start of this millennium in the year 2000, the manufacturing processes were sufficiently advanced and world-class manufacturers emerged.


Today, Peter’s company YBG Group International works hand in hand with these world-class manufacturers and helps to promote, disseminate, and market world-class hydrogen and oxygen machines worldwide.


YBG’s outsourced equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are classified in China as High and New Technology Enterprises that engage in the research and development of better machines, manufacture, and market oxyhydrogen gaseous energy equipment broadly for environmental protection purposes, welding and cutting applications, and for vehicle maintenance, and most recently for personal wellness and life support.


YBG’s OEMs are large companies with several million dollars of invested capital with hundreds of employees, including dozens of scientific and technical personnel, numerous academic professors, and many senior engineers.


YBG’s OEMs were amongst the earliest factories in China to engage in oxyhydrogen generator machine manufacture.  The OEMs continue R&D and production integration from advancements using the scientific, technological talents, and technical resources of numerous universities in China.


This circle collectively comprises the most advanced scientific research team for hydrogen and oxygen gases in the world.

We also recommend Brown’s Gas For Health



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