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We’ve provided an overview here of the functions of our hydrogen machines product made with water and the benefits to you.

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Personal Survival 


We deliver hydrogen and oxy-hydrogen gas machines so you can produce clean and breathable gas at home for inhalation or making hydrogenated water to drink that boosts your immune system and vitality.


With this system you can:

  • Achieve relaxation of your body and ultimate energy availability.
  • Safe and eco-friendly breathing catalyst made from water.
  • Produce breathable hydrogen or oxy-hydrogen gas at home.
  • Overcome fatigue and be more active.
  • Integrate with other activities like watching TV and when sleeping.
  • Hydrogenate water for drinking throughout the day.
  • Penetrates body cells for cleansing.
  • Maintain an active lifestyle.

Made with pure water


  • Hydrogen and oxygen gases are produced much like electricity by the pulsing of potentials between particles of matter.
  • The process is known as electrolysis pulsing electricity through water’s constituent elements of hydrogen and oxygen producing pure hydrogen and oxygen.
  • Using one liter of distilled water as its raw input, and by adding a little electricity, our machines produce 1,866.67 liters of clean and combustible gas per hour.



  • Inhaling hydrogen for ten minutes is comparable to drinking one cubic meter of water.



  • Suitable for men and women.
  • Suitable for respiratory problems.
  • Suitable for enhancing beauty.

Make Hydrogenated Water


  • Quickly make hydrogenated water without needing to buy pills or tablets.


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pub med


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